NFL Owners Legacy Of Collective Cowardice And Bigotry Forever Recorded For Posterity.

The lega­cy of their col­lec­tive cow­ardice and big­otry will for­ev­er be embed­ded in his­to­ry for pos­ter­i­ty.

The NFL is a league which is made up of over 70% black men, yet today the NFL cod­i­fied into its rules, big­otry and the sup­pres­sion of its mem­ber’s 1st amend­ment rights, even though those rights are inher­ent­ly guar­an­teed in the con­sti­tu­tion of the United States.

First amend­ment to the US Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respect­ing an estab­lish­ment of reli­gion, or pro­hibit­ing the free exer­cise there­of; or abridg­ing the free­dom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the peo­ple peace­ably to assem­ble and to peti­tion the Government for a redress of griev­ances.

Every com­pa­ny or busi­ness have a right to estab­lish a code of ethics for its employ­ees yet those eth­i­cal codes can­not super­sede the con­sti­tu­tion­al guar­an­tees estab­lished under the Constitution of the United States.
Yet that is exact­ly what the all-white NFL bil­lion­aire own­ers decreed, essen­tial­ly reduc­ing over 1200 African-American men to noth­ing more than mute black bod­ies to be exploit­ed for finan­cial gain.

In a dis­grace­ful act of cow­ardice, NFL own­ers with the absten­tion of the own­er of the San-Francisco 49ers and with­out any rep­re­sen­ta­tion from the play­ers union , decid­ed that teams may choose to remain off the field while the nation­al anthem is being played.
However, if teams and or play­ers are on the field when they anthem is being played and they take a knee the team will be fined $15’000.
To his cred­it, the own­er of the New York Jets has said he will assume pay­ment of the fine if his play­ers decide to take a knee or assume any oth­er form of protest.

Trump is the hate which the Republican hate machine cre­at­ed.

In a shock­ing capit­u­la­tion to Donald Trump’s big­otry wrapped in a flim­sy yet trans­par­ent veneer of faux patri­o­tism, this bunch of NFL own­ers will be record­ed in his­to­ry as the despi­ca­ble bunch of racist incon­se­quen­tial bums that they tru­ly are.
Whether it is bot­tom-line or these bil­lion­aires are sim­ply rich slime­buck­ets is incon­se­quen­tial.
The lega­cy of their col­lec­tive cow­ardice and big­otry will for­ev­er be embed­ded in his­to­ry for pos­ter­i­ty.

Each and every one of those black NFL play­ers has white team­mates, white agents, white friends, some have white wives, white girl­friends, they move in cir­cles of white asso­ciates.
Where are those white friends now?
Colin Kaepernick took a knee to high­light the ram­pant, egre­gious and mur­der­ous assault on black men, black women, black chil­dren by police who are paid by their tax dol­lars to pro­tect them.


Since Kaepernick’s ini­tial protests, hun­dreds of black peo­ple have been mur­dered and seri­ous­ly maimed by race sol­diers, the mil­i­tary wing of white suprema­cy who com­mit these atroc­i­ties under the cov­er of law.
I have long main­tained that it’ is luna­cy to appeal to the bet­ter angels of your oppres­sor to turn around and be decent human beings.
The chal­lenge for Black peo­ple, not just in America but every­where across the globe in which they encounter racist whites is to under­stand whats going on and to divorce them­selves from the mis­guid­ed notion that a Leopard will change its spot.

Well over a year ago I took the deci­sion nev­er to watch anoth­er NFL game ever again, as long as Colin Kaepernick was not rein­stat­ed.
It was enough for me that the league would try to sup­press the voice of an employ­ee because he dared to speak out against big­otry which is demon­stra­bly mur­der­ing inno­cent peo­ple.

I did not need to see it cod­i­fied into rules to make that deci­sion. I did not watch one minute of even one game last sea­son. For me, the NFL has long been dead. The lie that view­er­ship went down because white peo­ple are mad at the actions of Kaepernick and oth­ers is part of the false­hoods and mis­in­for­ma­tion which has tak­en over our exis­tence.
Nevertheless, as I said last year, the actions of black peo­ple will not change any. Blacks will con­tin­ue on watch­ing and cheer­ing as if noth­ing hap­pened.

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