NYPD’s Disrespect And Abuse Will Continue, Leaders Have No Respect For Minority Communities…

Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins FACEBOOK
Sergeants Benevolent Association pres­i­dent Ed Mullins sent racist video to cops in email

If police depart­ments in the United States were mind­ful of what the black com­mu­ni­ty thinks about their per­for­mance, the fir­ing of NYPD mur­der­er Daniel Pantaleo would have been a good time to apol­o­gize to the fam­i­ly of Eric Garner.
When it comes to the thou­sands of police depart­ments across America, the unions and the com­plex agree­ments leg­is­la­tures agree to, which allows cops to act with impuni­ty, even when they com­mit mur­der in plain view,it is almost impos­si­ble for cit­i­zens to get jus­tice.
It is under­stand­able that police unions are going to stand up and fight like hell for their mem­bers, as they should.
Nevertheless, when mem­bers are found to have gone way over the line as Pantaleo did, it makes sense for the union to make a con­cil­ia­to­ry state­ment to the aggriev­ed fam­i­ly and move on. If the had respect for the peo­ple on whom they and their fam­i­lies lived like leech­es, but they don’t.
The fact that police unions con­tin­ue to pour salt into the wounds of griev­ing fam­i­ly mem­bers of the vic­tims they mur­der, shows that these clowns deserve zero respect and should not be seen as qual­i­fied to be tak­en seri­ous­ly.
The New Yorp Police Department, despite protes­tanta­tions to the con­trary, by the Mayor and pres­i­den­tial can­did­date Bill D’Blasio, has zero respect for the black and brown res­i­dents of the city.

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The first thing that police unions such as the ones which rep­re­sents the dif­fer­et ranks in the NYPD should under­stand, is that the depart­ment does not belong to them.
They are ser­vants of the res­i­dents of the city and there­fore answer­able, and are bound to do what said res­i­dents want from their police depart­ment.
At any time that the union lead­ers and their fol­low­ers are not sat­is­fied work­ing under the con­di­tions the res­i­dents of the city dic­tate, they are free to go find jobs on a con­struc­tion sites or at Kosco.
The African-American pop­u­la­tion in New York city is 24.32% of an esti­mat­ed 8.55 mil­lion res­i­dents, that means that there are 2,079,360 peo­ple of African ances­try in New York city. They pay tax­es which sup­port the NYPD mem­bers whom they hire to pro­tect them , not mur­der them. Many of these poor­ly edu­cat­ed racist cops do not even live in the city or the four out­er bor­oughs they police.
As such it is no won­der the minor­i­ty com­mu­ni­ty sees their pres­ence as an invad­ing alien horde.
The point is that the head of the Unioin which rep­re­sents the rank and file, Patrick Lynch has nev­er respect­ed the peo­ple of col­or of the city.
Having served in the Union under Guiliani this hot­head is a dis­re­spect­ful obnox­ious punk who still main­tains the dis­re­spect­ful and intrasin­gent atti­tude that NYPD cops are so well known for which result­ed in the death of Ammadiou Diallo and the rape and sodomy of Haitian immi­grant Abner Louima by vile cop Justin Volpe NYPD thug.
Both Lynch, and Mullings who rep­re­sents the sear­gants, have been dis­re­spect­ful loud­mouths who have giv­en mem­bers of the NYPD the impres­sion that only some cit­i­zens of the city are deserv­ing of respect.

[Just recent­ly the pres­i­dent of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, New York City’s sec­ond-largest police union, says he should not face con­se­quences for cir­cu­lat­ing an explic­it­ly racist video — in which black peo­ple are referred to as “mon­sters” and pub­lic hous­ing as a “war zone” — because it was an “hon­est mis­take.
The hate-filled video was emailed to thou­sands of police sergeants over the week­end, along with a mes­sage from SBA President Ed Mullins, read­ing: “Pay close atten­tion to every word. You will hear what goes through the mind of real police­men every sin­gle day on the job. This is the best video I’ve ever seen telling the pub­lic the absolute truth.”
The 15-minute clip depicts a police shoot­ing in Los Angeles, and fea­tures nar­ra­tion by Willie Shields, a radio host and con­spir­acist, read­ing a let­ter from an unnamed police offi­cer. “The projects will always be dens of crime and vio­lence,” the nar­ra­tor asserts. “Cops will con­tin­ue to wade into that fray and blacks will con­tin­ue to attack and ambush us for­ev­er.”] According to https://​gothamist​.com

In a blaz­ing arti­cle for the Nation titled “A Killer Cop Gets Fired, and Somehow the Cops Are Angry.” Elie Mystal wrote; Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City police offi­cer who choked an unarmed black man to death in broad day­light, was fired this week. While announc­ing the move, New York City Police Department Commissioner James O’Neill — who had the sole dis­cre­tion to fire Pantaleo — blamed vic­tim Eric Garner for “resist­ing arrest” and being in “poor health.” O’Neill declared, “If I was still a cop, I’d prob­a­bly be mad at me” for fir­ing Pantaleo. And mad the cops are. Nobody is angri­er than Pat Lynch, head of the New York City Police Benevolent Association. Reacting to the fir­ing, Lynch said, “The rule of law has been ignored. The job has been dying; and today, the job is dead.”
Dead. Like Eric Garner, who was choked to death on the street while plead­ing for air? Dead. Like Tamon Robinson, a 27-year-old cashier from Brooklyn, who police allege ran into their patrol car while flee­ing from offi­cers? Dead. Like Ramarley Graham, an 18-year-old who was shot in his grandmother’s bath­room because police thought he had a gun, when in real­i­ty he was armed only with mar­i­jua­na? Dead. Like Sean Bell, who was shot at 50 times on the eve of his wed­ding by police who erro­neous­ly thought he had a gun? Dead. Like Amadou Diallo, who was 23 years old when police fired 41 shots at him after they mis­took his wal­let for a gun?

Elie Mystal went on to argue he would rather that NY City do with­out the Patrick Lynches of the world, quote; ” Nothing would make me safer on the streets of New York than for the Pat Lynches of the world to deter­mine that crack­ing black skulls is just not worth it any­more, hang up their jack­boots, and leave the black and brown peo­ple of New York City in peace. Assalamualaikum, “mad” cops. I’ll glad­ly take my chances with­out you. At least then, if I’m mur­dered, it will be an ille­gal act, as opposed to a death that you all will try to jus­ti­fy because I once got a demer­it in high school.”

The unmit­i­gat­ed truth is that the NYPD boss­es have a duty to dis­ci­pline errant cops who step out­side their man­dates. There is no way that a depart­ment intent on remov­ing bad cops could take five years to remove this despi­ca­ble mur­der­er from the depart­ment.
No one need­ed a sec­ond look to deter­mine that Daniel Pantaleo choked the life out of Eric Garner, even after he kept say­ing “I can’ breath”, for a total of eleven times until he was dead.
For years it has been stan­dard pro­ce­dure for NYPD cops to plant evi­dence, mur­der, rape, and fal­si­fy evi­dence to con­vict peo­ple of col­or for offences they nev­er com­mit­ted.
The courts are rub­ber stamps for their crim­i­nal activ­i­ties, its just they way things gets done, it’s what they are used to.
The com­mis­sion­er James O’neil, in a pathet­ic attempt to save face with the gang inblue, all but placed the blame on Eric Graner for his own death.
” “If I was still a cop, I’d prob­a­bly be mad at me” for fir­ing Pantaleo”, said O’neil.
By so doing, the cul­ture of abu­sive behav­ior born out of racist atti­tudes and bla­tant dis­re­spect and hatred for the city’s minorty com­mu­ni­ty which pays their salaries, will con­tin­ue, because as far as O’neil is con­cerned resist­ing an ille­gal arrest is wor­thy of the death penaly.