A People Addicted To And Desensitized To Crime.…..?

A problem is not a problem unless the people exposed to it believe it to be.
This is as true as the fact that an addict cannot be effectively helped until he/​she recognizes that he/​she has a problem and reaches out for help.

I am remind­ed of a graph­ic I saw some time ago , it depict­ed a man, the palm of one hand cup­ping one cheek, the oth­er hold­ing a gar­den hose water pour­ing from it into a per­fo­rat­ed laun­dry bas­ket. No soon­er that the water entered the bas­ket that it is out, soak­ing the earth and leav­ing a trail which mean­dered like a snake with no place to go.
It occurred to me that the graph­ic could eas­i­ly be used to explain Jamaica’s crime sit­u­a­tion.

Jamaicans have always had a knack for the dra­mat­ic. Speaking in for­eign tongues even when they nev­er set foot on an air­plane.
Wanting for­eign foods over our own safer more health local­ly pro­duced foods. Choosing for­eign fash­ions and trends over our own immac­u­late­ly tai­lored fashions.And of course tak­ing on oth­er peo­ple’s cus­toms which are imprac­ti­cal for our unique cir­cum­stances.
Simply put Jamaicans are ” pre­ten­tious , fake and fal­la fashin.”
Jamaicans are addict­ed to crime, in some sit­u­a­tions they may even be unaware that they are . Fundamentally how­ev­er the poli­cies they sup­port can have no oth­er out­come out­side of the astro­nom­i­cal­ly high mur­der rate the coun­try now expe­ri­ences.

It is not a prob­lem unless the peo­ple real­ize “hell we do have a prob­lem”!
Until we get to that tip­ping point, the water will keep pour­ing out of the bas­ket and all the rest of us can do is sit with our palm cup­ping our cheeks in dejec­tion.
It is entire­ly the busi­ness of the Jamaican peo­ple to decide the lev­el of crim­i­nal­i­ty they want in their coun­try.
On that basis as long as they con­tin­ue to blind­ly sup­port polit­i­cal par­ties which are mere gangs of crim­i­nals who pil­fer and steal at will and makes it so that they may not be held account­able, then the water flow­ing from the bas­ket is just okay. The blood flow­ing in the streets is just fine, par for the course.
The blood they wash from the side­walks is just anoth­er moment in time to be washed away and dis­s­a­pear for­ev­er as if it was nev­er spilled.

This is now big­ger than the police, we have a nation drunk and addict­ed to the pro­ceeds of crime. A gen­er­a­tion which places no val­ue on the sanc­ti­ty of life.
An immoral , amoral polit­i­cal class which has no shame, no sense of decen­cy , no sense of account­abil­i­ty to those they pur­port to serve.
A moral com­pass so dam­aged it has become clear that the only rule is that there are no rules.

I got a lit­tle heat­ed in an online con­ver­sa­tion recent­ly, one real­ly nice per­son imme­di­ate­ly default­ed to the tired old line that Jamaica’s crime can­not be equat­ed with crime in any oth­er coun­try.
As if the mass killings and rapes are proud­ly Jamaican as our Blue Mountain cof­fee, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Anne, and our oth­er great ath­letes , Reggae music, or our white sandy beach­es.
It is the old­est trick in the book . Quantifying, ratio­nal­iz­ing, and mak­ing excus­es for crim­i­nals when we should be seek­ing seri­ous solu­tions to root­ing them from amongst us once and for all.

Don’t ever be fooled into accept­ing the lie that crime is a prod­uct of pover­ty . As I stat­ed to my friend in no uncer­tain terms , some of the poor­est coun­tries have the least crime.
Conversely, I recall anoth­er time in Jamaica when the net worth of each indi­vid­ual was prob­a­bly much less and crime was sig­nif­i­cant­ly less.
Additionally if one is hun­gry one may steal some food , you don’t have the means to own high-pow­ered weapons and an an-unend­ing sup­ply of ammu­ni­tion to snuff out mul­ti­ple lives in mass attacks.
There is more than enough evi­dence that many of the homi­cides are relat­ed to the lot­to scam, in oth­er cas­es they may be traced to peo­ple decid­ing to kill oth­ers for what they have. The remain­der are domes­tic relat­ed . Nothing among those sta­tis­tics shows pover­ty, noth­ing among those stats jus­ti­fies the indis­crim­i­nate mass shed­ding of blood which obtains.

The sim­ple answer to these killings is greed. People want­i­ng to live above their means. Wanting the lat­est fash­ion, pock­ets bulging with cash, huge man­sions, expen­sive cars and the abil­i­ty to do what they want to get even more with­out con­se­quence. Without hav­ing to work for those things.
You know why they do it?
Because they are allowed to !!!

When a delu­sion­al and con­found­ed peo­ple drunk with greed ‚decide to be some­thing they are not, empow­er crim­i­nals , tie the hands of law-enforce­ment, they deserve what they get.
In the mean­time the water con­tin­ue to pour into the bas­ket which has no abil­i­ty to hold it .….….….….……
A smart man learn to scratch amongst the rocks and oth­er debris to find the pre­cious met­als he seek.