Student Uncovers Racist Chat Group Among Teachers At An Alabama High School

Ashford, AL — Parents and stu­dents from a high school in Alabama are furi­ous after a racist chat group of teach­ers was dis­cov­ered by a stu­dent. The teach­ers in the chat titled “Bad A B’s” were alleged­ly talk­ing about Black stu­dents, mock­ing them and call­ing them the n‑word.

In the leaked por­tion of the group chat, the teach­ers were talk­ing about a stu­dent named Anastasia Williams who they said was pos­si­bly preg­nant. Other teach­ers then com­ment­ed that she is qui­et and also isn’t the sharpest stu­dent.

I guess she mime sex?” one teacher alleged­ly said.

In anoth­er part of the chat, anoth­er teacher used the n‑word on Preyun Snell, a for­mer stu­dent at Ashford high.

That n — – so slow he can’t walk and chew gum,” the teacher alleged­ly said.

Preyun said he knew the teacher who used the slur but he did not expect she would do that. Besides, he also had bad expe­ri­ences at the school because of racial inci­dents in the past.

I don’t like this school, peri­od,” he told WDHN. “They racist, all of these folks racist.”

Moreover, Anastasia said one of the teach­ers apol­o­gized to her after the group chat was leaked.

She was like she didn’t mean any­thing that she said or any­thing like that,” she said.

The stu­dent who leaked the mes­sages said he saw the chat when a teacher gave him her phone dur­ing school hours. He took a video of it and sent it to numer­ous peo­ple.

Several par­ents were angry and said the teach­ers should be fired because they were not set­ting “good exam­ples” any­more. Some even recalled oth­er inci­dents in the past where teach­ers at the school also behaved inap­pro­pri­ate­ly. They said some teach­ers sprayed chairs of stu­dents due to smell and called them less for­tu­nate.

Venissa Wilson, an alum­na of Ashford High School, said she expe­ri­enced issues back when she was a stu­dent there.

I stood up to them,” she said. “I stayed back and forth from alter­na­tive school because I came to learn, and with the teach­ers doing the same thing when I was in, I just did my days and (came) back because you ain’t gonna bul­ly me.”

Meanwhile, Houston County School Superintendent David Sewell said that the teach­ers, whose names were not released, have been sus­pend­ed.

There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to any­thing that takes place on a cell phone,” Sewell said. “I hate that it hap­pened. We try to put poli­cies and pro­ce­dures in place to make sure things like this don’t hap­pen. We’ll go back and try to reinforce.”(Black news)

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  1. Only a fool would believe that these teach­ers are sor­ry for what they did because they get caught; that’s the rea­son why they are sor­ry for their actions.

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