The #1 Issue Plaguing African-Americans Is Not On The Democrat Agenda..


In 2016 then FBI Director James Comey told a con­fer­ence of police chiefs, of white suprema­cist groups infil­trat­ing local and state law enforce­ment, indi­cat­ing it was a sig­nif­i­cant threat to nation­al secu­ri­ty.
Additionally, [PBS​.ORG] report­ed that as far back as 2006 in a bul­letin the FBI detailed the threat of white nation­al­ists and skin­heads infil­trat­ing police in order to dis­rupt inves­ti­ga­tions against fel­low mem­bers and recruit oth­er suprema­cists. The bul­letin was released dur­ing a peri­od of scan­dal for many law enforce­ment agen­cies through­out the coun­try, includ­ing a neo-Nazi gang formed by mem­bers of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who harassed black and Latino com­mu­ni­ties. Similar inves­ti­ga­tions revealed offi­cers and entire agen­cies with hate group ties in IllinoisOhio, and Texas.
(See link here); https://​www​.pbs​.org/​n​e​w​s​h​o​u​r​/​n​a​t​i​o​n​/​f​b​i​-​w​h​i​t​e​-​s​u​p​r​e​m​a​c​i​s​t​s​-​i​n​-​l​a​w​-​e​n​f​o​r​c​e​m​ent

To date, we know of no real mea­sure which has been imple­ment­ed to deal deci­sive­ly with this scourge. This phe­nom­e­non is not new because America’s police depart­ments have always been pop­u­lat­ed and plagued with racist cops. That is not to say that all cops are racists, far from it, but racist makes bad cops. When good cops remain silent or sup­port the ille­gal actions of bad cops they can no longer claim to be good cops, after they have vio­lat­ed their oaths to uphold the laws faith­ful­ly, and with­out favor.
At the same time, it is instruc­tive to remem­ber that it has been just around two decades or that we start­ed wit­ness­ing the numer­ous killings by police and the out­right in-your-face abuse and mur­der of unarmed Black and Brown peo­ple. These warn­ings by the FBI and the trou­bling occur­rences are not unre­lat­ed.

In a Facebook post recent­ly, I opined that there are 23 or 24 can­di­dates run­ning for the Democrat nom­i­na­tion to replace the impos­tor in the white house. No one expects the present occu­pant or any­one in his régime to rec­og­nize the threat these ter­ror­ists oper­at­ing under the col­or of law pos­es, not just to peo­ple of col­or but ulti­mate­ly all peo­ple.
In fact, he has encour­aged police to use more vio­lence when mak­ing arrests.
However, the Democrats run­ning to replace Trump must know that there are close to forty mil­lion Black peo­ple in this coun­try which forms the basis for the exis­tence of the present Democrat par­ty.
Yet not a sin­gle one of those twen­ty-odd can­di­dates includ­ing the African-Americans have broached the sub­ject of white suprema­cists and skin­heads in America’s police depart­ments and the dan­ger they pose.
Even as they remain mute Philidelphia’s police depart­ment was forced to pull 72 offi­cers in one fell swoop from the streets because of their racist rants on social media.
Yet as far as we know not a sin­gle leg­isla­tive body has tak­en up this issue or has lift­ed a fin­ger to purge these dan­ger­ous mem­bers of the white suprema­cist belief before they do more dam­age than they have already done.
The dam­age they have done far exceeds the killings and the untold inci­dences of bla­tant unpro­voked attacks and assaults on the per­sons of peo­ple of col­or. They expo­nen­tial­ly and for­ev­er dam­age the con­cept of polic­ing as we knew it, and under­mines the very con­cept of the rule of law.