The Empowerment Of People Of Color Driving White Nationalism/​Fear Of Losing Privilege.….

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Many years ago I was at the Morgans Harbor Hotel and Marina on what I con­sid­ered a dream date with a beau­ti­ful slight­ly old­er accom­plished woman.
If my mem­o­ry serves me cor­rect­ly, the facil­i­ty had just under­gone a com­plete over­all.
It was my first return to Port Royal after hav­ing left there. I had spent months at the police train­ing facil­i­ty which was sit­u­at­ed there, but had not received any train­ing in Port Royal.
The gov­ern­ment had decid­ed to move police train­ing to Twickenham Park Saint Catherine.

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It was a beau­ti­ful and warm Jamaican Saturday evening, with a light cool breeze waft­ing off the water. The place was buzzing with chat­ter as patrons min­gled and chat­ted with each oth­er amidst the clinks of cham­pagne glass­es.
From where we sat out­side under the stars, oth­er patrons chat­ted freely as they enjoyed the peace­ful beau­ty of the shim­mer­ing lights of the Kingston sky­line.
Seated next to us to one side under the umbrel­la was a group of young men who sound­ed like American tourists.
The small group of four were all male. They chat­ted­ed freely about the beau­ty and pos­si­bil­i­ties of Port Royal and the Kingston har­bor.
They were speak­ing quite loud­ly as some peo­ple tend to do when alco­hol is involved.
And so one of the group of young men (who were all white) loud­ly chimed in that he would like to own Port Royal and cut it off from the rest of Jamaica, he then com­menced to detail how he would deve­l­ope the place to suit him­self.

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I could­n’t help hear­ing the con­ver­sa­tion, there was no attempt to be dis­creet , and why should there be peo­ple were out enjoy­ing them­seves and hav­ing a good time. My date was obvi­ous­ly hear­ing the con­ver­sa­tion as well but her reac­tion was 180 degrees dif­fer­ent than my indif­fer­ence.
She was a woman fierce­ly loy­al to Jamaica she had trav­elled to the United States and had decid­ed that it was not a place in which she would want to put down roots.
She had pre­vi­ous­ly told me of an inci­dent in which she was shop­ping in a New York Department store and walk­ing to the door both hands occuied with shop­ping bags.
On approach­ing the exit door she said a white male turned away rather than open the door for her.
She nev­er for­got that inci­dent and the con­ver­sa­tion was enough to trig­ger a response to the con­ver­sa­tion beside us that shocked me as it must have shocked the young Americans and every­one with­in ear shot.
She lit into them as racist bitch­es who want­ed every­thing they see oth­ers have, want­ed to con­trol and own every­thing wher­ev­er they go..
Her total­ly unex­pect­ed and vis­cer­al response to what I thought was an inno­cent con­ver­sa­tion was shock­ing to me.
At that time in my 20’s the far­thest I had been out­side main­land Jamaica was indeed Port Royal.
I was no dum­my to racism, but I did not process the con­ver­sa­tion of the young men in the same prism that she did.
Her expo­sure to racism in America, was some­thing I was not exposed to and it had scarred her.

Several years lat­er, I emi­grat­ed to the United States. It was then that I changed my per­spec­tive regard­ing her response to that con­ver­sa­tion years ear­li­er.
Even though I can­not point to any spe­cif­ic acts of racism towards me per­son­al­ly, I became more and more alert­ed and sense­tive to the tox­ic under­cur­rent with­in the soci­ety.
Later I start­ed tak­ing a deep­er look at our his­to­ry, the way the laws are writ­ten and enforced and I began to form a view that though not vis­cer­al, was less acco­ma­dit­ing of my per­spec­tive at the time my friend ver­bal­ly attacked those young tourists.
The effects and prac­tices of hun­dreds of years of Racism are still in full effect in America, despite some veneers of improve­ment which are designed to pla­cate the world.
The truth of the mat­ter how­ev­er, is that Racism in America per­sists because it has been cod­i­fied into at all lev­els of the American leg­isla­tive food­chain.
Slavery was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Segregation was legal.The black codes dur­ing recon­struc­tion was legal A ban on inter­ra­cial mar­riage was legal. Lynching was legal. Police killing of unarmed black peo­ple is legal.
At every turn some politi­cians pay lip ser­vice to racism while seek­ing elect­ed office but they nev­er both­er to tak about the fact that racism per­sists because at every lev­el the igno­ble prac­tice has been cod­i­fied in the laws and sup­port­ed by leg­is­la­tores at all lev­els.

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Professor Eddie Glaude Jr

America’s refusal to aban­don the degen­er­a­cy of racism and the mind-numb­ing stu­pid­i­ty of white suprema­cy, has been evi­dent in its sup­port of the Apartheid régime in South Africa before it crum­bled under its own weight. It was evi­dent in the drop­ping of two atom bombs on Japan, even though the EuropeanGermans) had start­ed both world wars. It is evi­dent in its uncon­scionable sup­port for Israel, which is an apartheid régime.
Today, despite all of the talk, and the nar­ra­tive that the American peo­ple are bet­ter than this, the truth remains that they aren’t.
Professor Eddie Glaude Jr., the chair of Princeton’s Department of African American Studies, sat down with MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” to dis­cuss the shoot­ing that killed 22 peo­ple in El Paso, Texas.
In an impas­sioned break­down of American racism Professor Glaude said :
America’s not unique in its sins. As a coun­try, we’re not unique in our evils,” Glaude says in a 3‑minute clip from the seg­ment. “I think where we may be sin­gu­lar is our refusal to acknowl­edge them. And the leg­ends and myths we tell about our inher­ent good­ness, to hide and cov­er and con­ceal so that we can main­tain a kind of will­ful igno­rance that pro­tects our inno­cence.”

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Citing the rise of the tea par­ty and how many Americans attrib­uted that to “eco­nom­ic pop­ulism” because they didn’t want to acknowl­edge that it was about race. But “social sci­en­tists were already writ­ing that what was dri­ving the tea par­ty were anx­i­eties about demo­graph­ic shifts,” he added. “That the coun­try was chang­ing, that they were see­ing these racial­ly ambigu­ous babies on Cheerios com­mer­cials, that the coun­try wasn’t quite feel­ing like it was a white nation any­more.” “People were scream­ing from the top of their lungs, ‘Yo, this is not just sim­ply eco­nom­ic pop­ulism. This is the ugly under­bel­ly of the coun­try,’” he said.


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I agree with Glaude, but it was­n’t just social sci­en­tists who were scream­ing that this was not about eco­nom­ic anx­i­ety. Obscure blog­gers (like this writer) whom nobody knows, were also doc­u­ment­ing these events for pos­ter­i­ty and shout­ing for all who would lis­ten.
One does­n’t have to be an expert to real­ize that the sup­posed good­ness of America, is afig­ment of their imigi­na­tion. A veneer of lies designed to cov­er their shame.
The aver­age white in America cares more about a dog than they care about their black coun­try­men, and thats a fact.
Follow any con­ver­sa­tion on social media in which police mur­der an inno­cent African-American, and see for your­self, that whether we like to acknowl­edge it or not, most of these peo­ple are deplorable, and utter­ly irre­deemable.