When Police Do This, How Does The Government Protect Them?

Police cor­rup­tion is a major rea­son that there is a lack of trust between law enforce­ment and the pub­lic.
As a for­mer police offi­cer myself, I always try to under­stand the point of view of offi­cers.
Over the many years after leav­ing law enforce­ment I have con­tin­ued to give my sup­port to the rule of law, abide by laws wher­ev­er I live, and to sup­port law enforce­ment to the best of my abil­i­ties.
This man wear­ing the uni­form in this sto­ry is not an iso­lat­ed indi­vid­ual or a bad apple in an oth­er­wise good bar­rel.
More and more it is becom­ing clear­er and clear­er that these types of behav­ior are not the excep­tion but more the rule when it comes to African-Americans.
At a time when (a) we see inno­cent black peo­ple released after spend­ing decades in prison for crimes, they did not com­mit.
And (d) peo­ple are exe­cut­ed in some states even when their guilt is in seri­ous doubt it is crit­i­cal­ly impor­tant that the gov­ern­ment stop pro­tect­ing these racist crim­i­nals.


West Linn Police Chief Terry Timeus recent­ly made the news for con­spir­ing with a Black man’s employ­er to false­ly arrest him for alleged theft. When every­thing was said and done, that Black man, #MichaelFesser, received $600,000. For that full sto­ry, go here (http://​bit​.ly/​2​T​L​H​lKn). Now, #TerryTimeus is under increased scruti­ny with the uncov­er­ing of a 2008 com­plaint and oth­er infor­ma­tion total­ing 100 pages. In that infor­ma­tion, the ex-chief is doc­u­ment­ed as hav­ing threat­ened to fire deputies if they wouldn’t invite him to watch an in-jail sex show. He was also record­ed mak­ing racist com­ments wish­ing to lock up a Black man for life with white supremacists.•This is the kind of thing that exists with­in the police. Racism is baked into the insti­tu­tion. It evolved direct­ly from the slave patrol and con­tin­ues to act in the same way, polic­ing Black peo­ple, instill­ing fear in us, bru­tal­iz­ing us, break­ing up our fam­i­lies, depriv­ing us of our free­dom and mur­der­ing us. This is not some objec­tive sys­tem of jus­tice that hands out judge­ments with­out par­tial­i­ty. It is a racist insti­tu­tion that needs to be abol­ished. Ultimately, we need to have our own, sep­a­rate, sov­er­eign nation, in which we can cre­ate just and fair solu­tions for pro­tect­ing our com­mu­ni­ties and address­ing those who per­pe­trate harms.•••Join Our Facebook & Instagram Family• Check out our oth­er IG pages:• Pushing Black Store — @PushingBlackStore• Pushing Black News — @Pushing_Black• Main page — @PushingBlack• Follow us on Facebook• Check out our full store — www.pushingblack.com••#MalcolmX #MarcusGarvey #HueyPNewton #NipseyHussle #ColinKaepernick #IMWITHKAP #MartinLutherKingJr #PushingBlack #ProBlack #ProBlackIsntAntiWhite #unapologeticallyBlack #unapolo­get­i­cal­ly­me #Blackempowerment #Blackexcellence #Blackculture #Blackart #Blackartist #hiphop #hiphopart #killev­ery­gram #live­cre­ative­ly #Blackfashion #Blackfashionblogger #melaningod­dess #melan­in­mag­ic #Blackisbeautiful

Posted by Pushing Black on Sunday, March 8, 2020

There is no group of peo­ple who are all bad, but when the peo­ple who are giv­en the respon­si­bil­i­ty to enforce the laws use those pow­ers in unscrupu­lous ways, they are no longer deserv­ing of respect or def­er­ence.
In actu­al­i­ty, the pro­lif­er­a­tion of cell phone videos of police act­ing in ways that are bla­tant­ly thug­gish and crim­i­nal should not be pro­tect­ed by the gov­ern­ment.

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This crim­i­nal was report­ed­ly giv­en a secre­tive sweet deal of a whop­ping $123,000 by West Linn city lead­ers, even as he was accused of the alle­ga­tions he con­fessed to as well as drunk dri­ving alle­ga­tions against him by two of his own patrol offi­cers.

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wrong­ful­ly accursed African-American man

In anoth­er report­ing by [koin​.com], this dis­graced cop even tried to extort a city leader, demand­ing an addi­tion­al $40,000 to $50,000, more than was approved, or else he would go pub­lic with embar­rass­ing per­son­al infor­ma­tion about her. https://​www​.koin​.com/​l​o​c​a​l​/​c​l​a​c​k​a​m​a​s​-​c​o​u​n​t​y​/​w​e​s​t​-​l​i​n​n​-​n​e​w​-​f​b​i​-​p​r​o​b​e​-​o​f​-​e​x​-​c​h​i​e​f​-​s​o​u​g​ht/